Biophenols is an innovative startup founded by a chemist and a biologist who developed their own method and new technologies as result of years of studies and research. This method enhances the byproducts of the agro-food products processing, allowing the extraction and purification of natural active ingredients of vegetable origin with a high level of biological activity, with extremely high purity degree not available on the market until today.


Flavonoids extracted from bergamot juice and pulp with a particularly high level of HMG statin molecules (>15%).
Studies and clinical trials highlight a considerable lowering of cholesterol. The flavonoids are also active against metabolic disorders.

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Biophenols extracted from olives juice and pulp. The extract is rich in flavonoids (about 30%) and Tyrosol and Hydroxytyrosol derivatives (<30%). Their cardio and neuroprotective properties help in protecting blood lipids from oxidative stress.

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Extremely purified extract of anthocyanin from bilberry with more than 95% of anthocyanosides, where more than 15% is delphinidin. The scientific literature mentions several studies (more than 500!) concerning the effectiveness of anthocyanin in preventing and treating different diseases.

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Our products have no equal on the market due to their extremely high contents of usable active ingredients. Compared to natural extracts already on the market, they allow obtaining formulations with a high functional activity despite dramatically reducing the dosage in the preparation of various commercial products, while maintaining the effect of the active dose in compliance with the approved claims.

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Biophenols è una start up innovativa costituita da un chimico, e da un biologo i quali hanno sviluppato un metodo innovativo proprio, frutto di anni di studio e ricerca, che permette la valorizzazione dei sottoprodotti dei processi di trasformazione agroalimentari