Who we are

Biophenols' history begins in 1992 when Dr Giuseppe Tassone introduced an innovative method to extract and purify natural active ingredients of vegetable origin consisting of glycosylated molecules. He carried out private studies and research at his own laboratories and developed a new technology called NPMID® (Non-Plastic Molecular Imprinted Device). Since 1992 the project was being developed on a small laboratory scale until 2015 when Biophenols s.r.l. was born. Together with the precious contribution of Dr Raffaele Rocco Guerrisi, biologist and CEO of Biophenols s.r.l., Dr Tassone finally created a pilot product for commercial release of the invention. The research activity is still in progress and the two scientists are constantly working on the project to find out new possible uses and implementations of these technologies.


Email: g.tassone@biophenols.com

Giuseppe Tassone


Email: r.guerrisi@biophenols.com

Raffaele Guerrisi


Email: m.piscioneri@biophenols.com

Mario Piscioneri