Biophenols uses unique and innovative technologies, which are the result of years of experimental research. For instance, our NPMID® (Non-Plastic Molecular Imprinted Device) allows us to yield extracts with an extremely high level of active ingredients and high bioavailability.

The NPMID® Technology  produces extraordinary results in gathering GLYCOSYLATED MOLECULES and allows us to obtain a product with a purity degree up to 98%, which in turn is easily divisible in glycosylated sub-fractions, for instance, flavonoids and iridoids that can be found in the Olea Europaea (Olive tree).

Another innovative method is the Selective Molecular Extraction, or SME, which allows yielding of vegetable extracts containing up to 97% of anthocyanosides!


The NPMID® technology ensures the extraction of GLYCOSYLATED MOLECULES from different vegetable-based natural products such as olives, grapes, bergamot, pomegranate, apple, bilberry, blackcurrant which have scientifically proved health benefits. It always ensures an extremely high degree of purity up to 98%, allowing the unprecedented use of the beneficial active ingredients contained in the extracts. This technology opens new avenues for beneficial usability, not only limited to functional and nutraceutical food but extended also to cosmetics and medicines.